Level 219 - “无尽超市”
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Level n 是后室的第n+1层。1



Level 219的一张照片

Level 219 是一个类似于前厅的百货商店的未知空间,同时百货商店的建筑装修风格亦与前厅相似。这个层级是一个典型的非线性空间,因此指南盘和导航是不可靠的。
Supermarket shelves carry most frontrooms brands of food or drink, but the place of manufacture is labeled "made in backrooms" and all are sold for one bottle Almond Water or 1/4 pound Royal Ration.
In rare cases, the shelves are stocked with objects from the backrooms, which are sold for six bottles Almond Water .

The objects in the backrooms found on shelves list:

If you find more, please upload your report to the database!

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level

Entrances And Exits


  • no-clipping Level 55 will make it possible for you to get here.
  • no-clipping at a department store in the frontrooms has a certain probability of getting you to this level.


  • Leaving through a glass door will lead you to Level 11.
  • Through the door of a red card with aFrostbite risk will come Level 55.